Roljack Jaw Crusher 3

Jaw Crusher


Jaw Crushers are used for the rapid, powerful crushing and pre-crushing of medium-hard, hard, brittle, and tough materials. The variety of materials offered, their efficiency, and their safety make them ideal for sample preparation in laboratories and industrial plants. 

Roljack Single and Double Toggle Jaw Crushers are designed and developed by advanced technologies for heavy-duty and continuous crushing applications with/without rubbing with high impact pressure, combined with careful selection of material and workmanship of finest quality.

Single Toggle Jaw Crusher :

The latest design of Roljack SingleToggle Jaw Crusher is designed for getting maximum capacity by providing continuous and regular feeding and too hard crush material at higher speed with minimum power and very minimal maintenance. These Crushers have been developed in the design objectives of the new generation of single toggle crushers to create the best possible geometry in crushing with rubbing & crushing. Roljack jaw crusher future high eccentricity and very special crushing angle to minimize maintenance & maximize production. The complete range of Roljack Jaw Crusher is most suitable for Hard Rock, Ores, and Minerals & Coal in all sizes and capacities.

Double Toggle Jaw Crusher :

Roljack Doube Toggle Jaw Crushers are designed to crush super hard rocks, And these crushers are designed in such a way that crushers get very little maintenance in long-duration crushing. When crushing takes place all the crushing load is divided into many body parts and accessories, So maintenance Or downtime is very low for this type of crusher, for ease of operation we have made this crusher oil-lubricated as only Oil pump Is required for lubrication so no regular grease pumping or Manual lubrication for this crusher.

Product Advantages :
  • powerful size reduction thanks to 1.1 kW industrial drive
  • compact, benchtop instrument
  • the removable jaw for easy cleaning
  • adjustable speed allows adaptation to sample characteristics
  • wear compensation with zero-point adjustment
  • convenient operating keypad with digital display
  • memory for gap width setting
  • wide range of materials for contamination free grinding
  • large fold-back hopper
  • automatic wear-out notification
Jaw SizesRecommended
Feed Size
Capacity in Tons / Hour on Close
Side Setting in M.M.
600 × 40024 × 16375806040
750 × 5004751309060-50-60
750 × 60030 × 2457510070-60-75
900 × 60036 × 24575---
90036 × 30725180150---
1050 × 800775200---
1200 × 90048 × 36875350---150-275
1500 × 120060 × 481175700---
900 × 200-8570453030-60
1050 × 20042 × 08175-10075553540-75
1200 × 25048 × 10225125100654060-100
1500 × 30060 × 12350300250200150100-150

The reliability of the RJC Series jaw crusher is based on a revolutionary Extra Stroke & Heavy Design Jaw Crusher, non-welded pedestal frame construction. This design provides excellent fatigue strength even in the toughest quarrying or mining applications.

Roljack jaw crushers are the most productive and cost-efficient jaw crushers for any primary & secondary crushing application. Jaw crushers were originally developed to crush the hardest ores and rocks so they perform extremely well also in less demanding applications, such as soft rock, recycling, and slag.

Roljack’s foundry expertise enables continuous steel casting development to ensure the best casting designs and quality in terms of strength and fatigue life. A high level of engineering combined with top-of-the-line commercial components, such as spherical roller bearings, ensure the reliability that ROLJACK jaw crushers are for their best in all.

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