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Application of Impact Crusher

Impact crusher developed by ROLJACK is a kind of sand crushing equipment with international advanced level. It is widely used for crushing all kinds of ores, cement, refractory material, bauxite clinker, carborundum, glass raw material, building sand, stone, metallurgical slag, etc.

Characteristics of Impactor Breaker

1. Simple and reasonable structure, low power consumption, high crushing ratio, little over-crushing.

2. Smooth operation, low noise, high efficiency, high crushing efficiency.

3. Little affected by material moisture content, water content of materials can be up to 8%.

4. Underlayers in impeller and vortex breaking cavity greatly reduce wear parts, lower maintenance workload and cost. In the production process, the stones can form protection layer to prevent machine wearing.

5. The product is vertical, with large packing density and small iron contamination.

Working Principle of Impact Stone Crusher

Materials are fed into impact stone crusher and divided into two parts by distributor; a part of materials enter into high speed rotating impeller whose accelerated speed can be hundreds times bigger than the gravitational acceleration, and then be cast at a speed of 60-70 meters per second from three uniform passageways; the other part of materials fall from distributor, impact to lining board in vortex cavity and then rebound slantly to the top of vortex chamber; there, they change movement direction and deflect downward so that form a material curtain with materials cast from impeller passageways. In this way, materials are impacted and ground in the vortex breaking cavity, finally, discharged from

bottom of discharging port.

Technical Parameters of Impact Crusher

1. Hydraulic system.

2. Three-curtain cavity design.

3. Heavy duty rotor design.

4. Unique hammer locking device.

5. Interchangeable liners.

6. Flexible application in primary and secondary crushing.

7. Easy operation and simple maintenance.