ROLJACK Screens are specially designed for bigger, medium, and fine size separation applications. Our screens are of flexible inclined mounting are ideal for Scalping. primary and secondary crushing and for final screening of a finished fraction. Available in two, three & four-deck options in 6 sizes with a capacity range from 100tph to 400tph. Range Include circular, linear& elliptical motions Advantages.

• Design offers maximum flexibility with minimum downtime.

• Drive assembly designed for flexibility, safety, easy service, and maintenance.

• Custom built to ensure high performance in aggregate & mining industries. • ROLJACK circular motion inclined vibrating screen has a wide range of applications. It is a four-bearing free floating vibrating

screen that efficiently screens all moderately free-flowing materials.

Model NAME Size Capacity Moter H. P.
RVS 4500 4500 X 1500 Upto 110 TPH 10 – 25
RVS 5400 5400 X 1500 Upto 110 TPH 11 – 25
RVS 6000 6000 X 1500 Upto 200 TPH 15 – 30
RVS 6600 6600 X 1500 Upto 250 TPH 20 – 40
RVS 7200 7200 X 1500 Upto 400 TPH 20 -50
RVS 9000 9000 X 1800 Upto 700 TPH 30 – 60


The vibrating screen can be made horizontal and inclined. Horizontal screens operate linearly, while tilted screens operate circularly at an angle of about 20 degrees. Thanks to vibration systems, vibrating screens are able to operate at high speeds. The vibration capabilities are designed to be adjustable. The screen, which is on the trunk, steel main body is produced for long years. Steel main body screens are manufactured for long years of use. Installation and maintenance of vibrating screens are very simple, thanks to the ladder system next to them can be done easily. Screens that can be produced in any size may also have a multi-layer shelf system depending on the characteristics of the product to be screened. A vibrating screen, which is a very important machine for crushing and screening plants, should be selected according to the product being used. This should be prioritized based on the moisture content and washing conditions of the product.