ROLJACK Gravitational Industrial Classifiers These intelligently engineered units are ideal for classifying coarser cuts ranging from 10 to 500 mesh. The feed material is dropped into the top of the classifier. It falls into a continuous feed curtain in front of the vanes, passing through low velocity air entering the side of the unit. The air flow direction is changed by the vanes from horizontal to angularly upward, resulting in separation and classification of the particulate. Coarse particles are efficiently discharged through a valve beneath the unit. The fines are conveyed by air to a fabric filter for final recovery.

advantage :

  • No need for water.
  • No polluted waste water discharge into rivers.
  • Low operational cost.
  • No moving elements thus no wear compensation required.
  • Dry end product.
  • High yield of quality end product.
  • Reduce moisture and minimize asphalt costs.

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